Designer wallpaper gives an elegant finish and an attractive look, it possesses a positive aspect when somebody things it from a long perspective. It becomes more presentable when the corner of wall gets a silky, shinny touch. The designer wallpaper because of its durability has an extended life span reducing the overall maintenance of paint. When the decorative lighting fixtures are supported it helps to enhance the presence within the room.

A designer paper is most economical as its life ranges between 12 to 15 years. Any homeowner can easily preserve approximately 30% pertaining to painting prices in case they prefer to utilize wallpaper in excess of colour. Offices, studios, residence, apartments, restaurants etc are the common areas where designer wallpapers add value to the ambience. It provides a gesture of appealing which in turn helps to increase the vibrancy.

Designer wallpaper also helps to hide the shabbiness of a corner which might have damaged or spoiled. It covers up the area rather than having a patch that might look ugly when seen. It can add beauty to the existing look and feel and at the same time avoid any mismatch of the colour, if the paint shade is not maintained throughout.

There are multiple designs and varieties available with Elegant Decor. We are having range of Designer handmade wallpapers which suits the customer’s requirement from multiple sectors. We provide the different types of Designer Wallpaper depending upon its thickness, its design, its quality etc.

  • Available in multiple designs and varieties
  • Wall gets a silky, shinny touch
  • Commonly used in offices, studios, residence, apartments, restaurants
  • Hides shabbiness of a corner
  • Increases decorative lighting fixtures presence