Kids Wallpapers

Kids Wallpaper are very unique ones, they differ a lot from Office Wallpaper, because kids have lots of imaginations in their mind, they are more creative by nature. Mostly kid’s colour combination also differs. They like typical colours mostly their childhood favourite colours.
The paintings and drawings are most liked activity by any kid. They like to scribble, write on wall, draw sketches etc. So when it comes to wallpaper parents ensure that the quality of the wallpaper has more durability so that after repeat wash the texture or colour doesn’t get spoiled or damage the wallpaper.
We at Elegant Decor understand the kids and their parent’s requirement much better we have experienced the different liking of kids which helps us to suggest better option for the parents. There are some Kids Wallpaper which provides a study objective, this type of wallpaper might get selected in the kids room or drawing room. Some of the examples are the types of flowers, or objects, or vegetable or animal charts etc. this helps the kids also to learn and increase the knowledge.
Most girls when they are small prefer light colours like pink or lavender because it is their favourite colour. They even like scenic beauty or a grassy wall giving them the feel of what they have imagined in their mind. Some wallpaper have themes which replicates motion of an object, the beauty is its appearance when made applicable on wall.

1. Exclusive designs based on kids imagination
2. More durable and eco-friendly
3. Available in different themes like scenic beauty, vegetables, animals, waterfall etc
4. Multi-washable without fading its colour or design
5. Withstand rough daily use