There is a huge difference in Office Wallpaper and House Wallpaper in terms of design or appearance. Also the thickness of wallpaper matters a lot. Elegant Decor offers multiple choices to the corporate while deciding the modern design, texture, thickness, shine, embossing of design over the wallpaper. In offices there different departments, so many a times to segregate or differentiate one department from other, the colour or design is selected accordingly.

It becomes easy when a customer walk-in for any office is to be made available it becomes easy for customer to get access for concern department. Corporate design sometimes also has borders either a square one or a rectangular or a circular. To match the colour is the most challenging part, since the furniture colour is also to be taken into consideration.

Another challenging area is the front office look and its internal look. Additionally cafeteria or pantry section also sometimes possesses a challenge while finalising the design and colour. One has to ensure that work environment is appealing and increase the working feel. There should be enough light to make a person feel fresh. Using fresh colours in office environment enhances the productivity output.

We at Elegant Decor take utmost care to provide maximum benefits to all our corporate clients, we advice them after doing the survey and offer multiple design and colour choices, so that the client’s life becomes easy.

  • When applied on borders gives elegant look
  • When used in different combination, segregation of department becomes easy
  • Enhances work environment for better productivity
  • Available in design, texture, thickness, shine, embossing of design over the wallpaper
  • Eco-friendly with thickness in quality